January 2, 2012

so much has happened...

in these last couple'months.
it was my birthday - ages ago now - old news. but some dear friends threw me my first ever surprise party. it was so wonderful. this glorious chocolate mud cake magic was made by hand, (that is my name written in white chocolate letters!) just for me. and these gifts, graciously given.
my brave friends started THE coolest coffee bar/boutique - The Glass Onion Society, so i made them a glass onion (obviously), and have since drank many a cup of fine tea and latte there.
i prepared for the festive season with a night making this little ginger cottage. a warm and calm evening with mum, just spent having fun.
my post christmas time has been spent fairly similarly to this. except, sometimes my feet were up in a hammock at our favourite holiday place, or swishing under my longboard at perfect pointbreaks.

all in all, its been a pretty darn good few weeks just gone. i hope you've had a meaningful christmas, a happy and celebratory new year and relaxing break - from whatever it is you do.


p.s. big love to my sister over at The Beetleshack for being so kind.

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