October 24, 2011

. : chrome : .

over the weekend i indulged myself for a few hours, drooling over old cars; cars with style, cars with flair and cars with a whole lotta' chrome. the annual Chromefest was held nearby home and i made it a priority to visit over two months ago, when i first heard it was on. to top it off, i had the major privilege of riding in an exhibited car that a friend owns. it was all too much, my grin was unbearable (and completely embarrassing).

i frenzied around on sunday morning trying to find an outfit to suit the 50's rockabilly style festival, but more importantly to compliment the red '63 F150 i would be riding in. i went for a 50's/60's style red plaid shirt with rolled sleeves and tight black skinnies rolled mid-calf. i felt suitably attired, teaming my outfit with my canvas TOMS.

with the air in our hair, we roared up to the festival - (my embarrassing grin still beaming) - turning heads with every acceleration and grunt that this beast exclaims. check it out
as you can see, there were some mighty fine automobile specimens on show. i thoroughly enjoyed myself.


October 17, 2011

the search is on...

after a fabulous day at the event that was Sangria and Lace, hearing what people think of my glass wares and being humbled and amazed at peoples enjoyment of it, i believe it is time in my glass career to purchase my own kiln. it will be a considerable step - and will make quite a dent on our bank account - but will hopefully see me making glass wares for many years to come.

there were a few times throughout Sangria and Lace where i would be talking to market goers about my work and i would have a really vivid realisation that i am doing something that i have dreamed of for quite a long time. this is a dream come true. a real dream - to work with warm glass - coming true. it is something i need to actively remember, as i sometimes winge about so many dreams never being fulfilled (see this post), but i need to be aware and grateful that this one is!

so, i'm in the market for a small glass work kiln...wish me luck


October 14, 2011

the ants are out...

wouldn't you be bummed...
the ants aren't that bad at my house, but they are pretty pesky. out come the pet-safe ant baits. they shall sit on every windowsill and near every door for the next 4 months at least.

p.s. an amazing sculpture featured in a sculpture park just outside Wollombi.

October 11, 2011

. : garage sale glory : .

we love a good garage sale. my man always goes searching for tools or needed furniture (sensible) and i search for anything (silly)...cutlery, crockery, haberdashery, pictures, trinkets and furniture. i never have a real plan or specific need, i just want to get my hands on someone's old treasures.

this last saturday we ventured a mere 2 minutes over the hill to 2 local sales (score!). as we were closing the doors to the car, he had a word to me; 'now, i don't want to be taking home junk. remember we're moving soon.' its true, we are moving, but i don't see that as a reason to not find cool things - we'll have a house to fill when we move too. anyway, without letting him know, i took his advice and shopped wisely. i love old rusty bits, old measuring things, things that were once useful to people in what was a more 'hands-on' world. so here is what i found.
as you can see, i also got some crockery, old asian style crockery, with 4 tiny little bowls perfect for bits of chilli, ginger or other little condiments. we were also sensible, coming home with a new saw, drill and drill press. he got his tools afterall.


October 10, 2011

things i did today:

sat clearing my eyes to see the sun coming through the clouds, on the back deck.

returned to my cup of tea, several times, as i got ready for my first day back at work after two weeks off.

coerced year 9 kids to do their school work (quite successfully i might add!)

tried to pick paint colours (exterior).

grocery shopped.

sat, daydreaming about my impending maiden trip down to Costco on Wednesday. eehehehehe

dreamt of cooking an italian sausage stew, laiden with loads of chilli and garlic.

cooked a spinach and fetta pie instead, with a big bunch of fresh vibrant silverbeet purchased on aforementioned grocery shop.

paint swatches:


October 8, 2011

on waratahs and wildflowers

we sat and enjoyed a fresh brewed cup of coffee, then we drove, all the way up the winding hill to the most spacious, fresh-air-filled national park and went searching. we went searching for the last of the fabulous waratah flowers, knowing it was a little bit late in the season but hopeful of what we might find.

the sun kissed our noses and warmed our shoulders and the native wildflowers did not disappoint - well ok, they did a little. we were just too late; although there were a few bright red blooms in between the brushy green-brown bush, they were past their prime. but alas, we still enjoyed the stroll, finding other little beauties along the way - like the interestingly titled little horny devils.


. : to 'the point' : .

as a surfer, i know that a point is a good thing; creating almost identical waves, one after the other and generally running for quite some time. i love a good point, as the waves are generally predictable, the rides are long and there is always the safety of the shoulder. you can sit on your board searching the waters below, watching the weeds sway back and forth with each undulating wall of energy, waiting for the next long peeler.

so, i just spent a very good few days at 'the pt.' with some friends, capping off a nice two week break from school. we scored waves, rain (lots of it), thunder, sunshine, quality conversations, frivolity and there was an abundance of food and beverages enjoyed all round. here is some evidence
my friends have a pretty good set up, which i mooched off for a few days. don't worry - i did some beer-buying, wood chopping and a few loads of washing up. i tried to pay my share, but i know that my friends are pretty generous too. i'm a lucky girl