March 31, 2011

.a weary wednesday eve.

Three serene hours, given wholely to creative pursuit, chatter and tea - what a wonderful way to spend a weary, wet Wednesday eve.

In the flickering fluorescent light we all tinkered and cut, soldered and puttied with our heads down like working mice. (do mice work? i don't know...)

Anyhow, the colours and hues and sparkles of a studio full of glass really is a beautiful place to while away some hours.

workshop 1 complete.


March 30, 2011

.: my kind of women:.

american women during the war, in the 1940's were forced to take on trades to fill the shortages of male workers. i sorta like that idea... a.

March 23, 2011

.: these here, my favourite colanders :.

these earrings, (i love them) were a gift from a friend last year and every time i wear them i feel like i'm doing something crazy (colanders as earrings!?!), but a very controlled kind of crazy. they have that housewifey, 1950's feel to me, as if when i wear them i'm being quite civilised and hospitable, afterall - a woman should always have her kitchen utensils handy...


March 22, 2011

the silver moon

As i lay there, in the warmth and comfort of bed, listening to the crickets and frogs harmoniously chirping as to make it impossible to decifer the direction from which they are singing, or pick out a single melody, i watch the silver moonbeams; the shifting grey shapes of the clouds curtaining the moon.

The curtain begins to thicken - until the silver sheen of the moon is no longer visible. Soon, the soft gentle whir of rain on the carport roof washes out the tone of the frogs.
My mind goes back to Keats; the writings that take me to those places in the English countryside about which he muses, with every little detail and whimsical rhyme. I try to recall what he wrote about hope...

'Sweet hope! ethereal balm
upon me shed, and wave
thy silver pinions o'er my head.'

As the soft whir continues with the odd splosh of a larger drop, the mysterious moon once again appears, through a sheer organza-like curtain, i can see that silver moon above my head. i can see it's almost full, and i can tell its time to close the lids.


March 17, 2011

allowing the minutes to wittle away, when you're somewhere you'd rather not be...

i can sit here, inconspicuous and out of trouble - as long as no disatrous fisty-cuffs break out or any chair-throwing antics begin - i can make it through this 50 minutes. i will make it through this 50 minutes.

8 to go. i'm just hanging in, claws and all. (so are they)


March 14, 2011

my skyline

this is 'my' skyline...the view that i get to enjoy everyday. it is truly amazing what God throws down sometimes.

this is from a month or so ago, we captured this amazing formation as a storm rolled up the coast on one of those beautiful afternoons in an almighty southerly change. check out the depth of that sucker!


March 8, 2011

a spicy supper

supper: rustic tomato + chilli crouton salad with garic asparagus. (there may have also been a side of meat, to suffice the likes of my carnivorous husband : ) ).

tomato chilli salad inspired from here. from an amazing artist + gourmand from the US of A, who is a part of a very faithful few from The Rabbit Room.

my attire: an antique green plaid apron with a sweet scalloped edge, from a huge antique warehouse in the Yamba region. oh the finds!


no gifts, no power, no wisdom

i really have nothing to bring, nothing i can offer to save me or get me through. i definitely don't have wisdom, and my power and gifts only go so far...about 23 meters roughly.
it is powerful to say, to think about - that i really have so little (if nothing) to boast in. thankfully i know that it doesn't end there, that it doesn't come down to me. That i truly don't need to have all the power, amazing talent and enviable wisdom.


March 3, 2011

morning shower

the long warm shower on a cold, dark morning, after too few hours sleep feels so heavenly, like a comforting balm or just-tight-enough hug.
its unusual for me to shower in the a.m., i prefer the cleansing comforting evening shower; the idea of washing the day off - reflecting on everything and washing away all the rubbish (and after a days teaching teenagers, there is plenty to wash off!), in preparation for the restful restoring sleep.
I really needed that soothing balm of a shower this morning, after a string of late nights; some amazing nights, but long drives and late nights. After said shower, the morning felt softer - less severe.