December 13, 2011

peculiar questions from peculiar people.

boy: "Do you like dolphin pie, miss?"
me: "I can't say i've ever had dolphin pie Sam."
boy: "'Cos you can really taste the plankton in it."

a delightfully innocent, not-yet-tainted Year 7 boy, with a wonderful sense o'humour (and no idea about the diet of a Dolphin).

girl: "How long does it take to get to Paris, Miss?"
me: "Around about 20 hours i think."
girl: "Wow, i was way off!"
me: "What did you write?"
girl: "About 2 1/2 hours."

a geographically impaired Year 7'er.

"Do you do facebook?"

a 55+ year old teacher at school, in regard to whether i am on facebook...

i am sure glad i had pen and paper handy today.


December 1, 2011

Of late.

things i've been up to:
watching these cute little piglets grow into bigger little piglets. aren't their hairy rumps so cute?! i've been in an ag teaching role for the last couple of weeks. its interesting; learning what bees do when building a hive, how to show cattle and how the dairy industry works.
reading my new favourite modern poet; Wendell Berry. if you love life, beauty, the land, the Lord, family'll love Wendell Berry. this page is from Sonata at Payne Hollow, which flabbergasted me with its simple beauty and raw love.
taking photographs of majestic old beasts of cars. and roaring up bushy escarpments in said beasts (with a big grin).
and of course, waiting patiently and excitedly for the season of christmas. (a vignette of my folks fireplace and mantle.)

until we do this again,