September 25, 2011

have a look

i have a new direct link to my facebook site for wood|GLASS art glass and jewellery. go have a look. we had a great time at that event and are looking forward to more in the future.


September 23, 2011

my return

last sunday morning saw my return to the ocean, going for my first surf in many months. and it was the best day to plan a return! with light offshore winds, small waves between two deep crystal blue channels and the warmth of the spring sun on my face - made for an unbelievable surf. not to mention the fun of running into old friends to share the waves with.

i felt again, that incredible joy, the lightness and energy in the water even with heavy arms and that uncontrollable grin on my face as we walked over the sand to the carpark. STOKE. you hear the word passed around the surfing world a bit, but it makes complete sense. the amount of stoke from a fun surf with friends in the warmth of the spring sun is truly glorious. god has created some amazing playgrounds for us to enjoy, and beautiful fruits to devour from the land with thanks. enjoy.

September 15, 2011

gulli·bili·ty n.

gullibility - tendency to believe too readily and therefore to be easily deceived.
i am afraid that i can concede, after many years of fierce defense on my part, that i am - at times (i will allow only that) - gullible. it has come to my attention, in my current context of working in a male-heavy Industrial Arts staffroom, that i fall for jokes far too easy. or even at my wednesday night sanctuary of glass workshop, i am becoming more prone to falling.
can i interject!? when did this happen? the proud Berlach that amy is, considers herself a fairly knowledgeable soul, never predisposed to folly or the jokes of others. it is a humbling realisation.
it is enjoyable, to laugh with people, even if yours truly is the butt. i'm beginning to enjoy it and am trying to grow stronger in accepting such jocularity and jest. and besides, these folks i'm surrounded by are pretty darn hilarious! we play jokes on one another frequently and i try to have something ready for them as they walk in the door at the beginning of the day. it keeps the load lighter...


September 13, 2011

. :work: .

i have been working of late, every day! (shock, i know! but to a young lass accustomed to casual work - it is a bit of a burden) i'm not so sure how i feel about that, considering the event i have coming up and the amount of pending glass projects in my studio incomplete. i would rather be doing other work, even doing some yard work.
i hope you enjoy doing your work - whatever that may be.


September 7, 2011

new bangs

spring has brought a skip to my step, sun to my shoulders, sweet floral scents to my nose and saucy new bangs! haha

it was time for a little bit of a change, so off to the hairdresser i went. it looks something like this...unfortunately i don't look as sweet as little miss barrymore.
what has spring done for you?


September 1, 2011


ive been making a few little things lately. some for specific reasons and some for no reason at all, but to make. i'm enjoying it; making time when i come home from work to be industrious instead of idle, meaningful instead of meaningless and thoughtful instead of thoughtless. in place of watching 'the tube' (a romantic old name for such a time-sucking beast), i'll read from a book or listen to a record - really listen; play it and it only, sit and dance around the loungeroom floating on the melodies or try to grasp the quick and crazed rhythms.

also, i've been making. for some reason (i know exactly what reason...i'll tell you in a bit), i've been recently fascinated by the 'terrarium' and eager to attempt my own. so, i did. i went on a crazed search post school-bell and bought my supplies, and on my return home got straight to work. here are mine...don't worry - i am quite aware of thier short comings (like the disproportionate amount of stones and dirt and too-large plants), but am pleased with them nonetheless.
and here ladies and gentlemen, was my inspiration. a florist shop that we visited on Brunswick St in Melbourne blew my mind, with amazing displays of colour, scale and scents-so-sweet they lingered in my nostrils far down the road. these were clever little creations, displaying true terrarium mastery (if the price-tag was any indication) - with succulents growing from mere shells, and perfectly proportioned plants to glass containers.
i also recently tried my hand at my very first string of bunting, for my little niece who i like to call 'Schnophy', who turned two over the weekend. i was quite happy with the result - and hopeful that it will hang in her room until she is old enough to remember that i made it for her. x
what have you been making of late?