April 28, 2011

- shadows -

holiday musings continue:

each morning (besides the holy sunday sleep-in) was greeted by an early walk along the beach, just north of the Fremantle port. it is such a beautiful way to begin a day, even if it starts as a little windy and miserable, you leave fresh and spritely.

each morning the sun cast our shadows into the shallows of the Indian Ocean. thats me with my aunty and uncle.


April 27, 2011

food, glorious food

so much of my recent holiday jaunt was centered around food. my families european heritage has a lot t do with it, but also the occasion and glory that is easter added to the unnecessary amount of food. but i loved every minute. here are some examples...

hap-hazard pastry base pizza (w. left over roast sweet potatoe, lamb shanks, a bit of mustard. delish)

beetroot slaw. a bit of a berlach family tradition

venison cappaccio w. capers and truffle oil from The Studio Gallery in Yallingup

bubunia's 'meat & gravy' w. salad (i love her cutlery...hoping it lands in my hands one day)

an alfresco mexican feast on my first night in freo


April 26, 2011

- holiday words -

the west, my west

the familiarity of the crows,

the warm sandy earth,

bring me back to

my beautiful place of birth.

the clarity of the ocean depths,

the sparkle of its shallows,

in my families house

we share both joys and sorrows.

the height of the plane as it moves across,

upon my return to the west,

my heart is full

thinking of the place i like best.



. : a blustery autumn wind : .

a blustery autumn wind is blowing this afternoon, covering the coast with grey lumpy skies. a little different from the clear warm air i left only last night in WA.

it was a tough night on the plane - a sold out red-eye service...and as the name suggests i arrived early to Sydney with tired red eyes after very little sleep en route.

i collected my luggage, which was over the weight limit due to holiday purchases, and headed straight for the underground train line which would whisk me home through busy wet city scapes and lush bushland scenes. it felt good to be home after quite a while away, and felt even better to pick up my pooch from his holiday at the local pet resort. fresh and fluffy from a bath; he was keen to see me and i was relishing the warm soft hugs.

oski: looking unimpressed with his photograph being taken

though, on a more sombre note, i'm still awaiting my love's delayed arrival from overseas. please bring him home soon + safe.


April 20, 2011

. - i'm on holidays - .

busselton beach

...yes i am. and loving every minute. i've been tripping around perth, fremantle, busselton and other amazing south west locales enjoying everything good that has been carfted; art, beverages, food, pottery - but no wine yet (something still to do).

yesterday i ate venison cappaccio, with pickled beets, capers & truffle oil at The Studio Gallery in Yallingup. oh my oh my, i'm on holidays in my homeland!

i wish you all a trip to the south west of this great land, soon - very soon.


April 12, 2011

that sinking feeling

glug, glug, glug it will go. the Ex-HMAS Adelaide that is. 10:30 tomorrow a.m.

there has been furore, argument, insult and injury (to the government's hip pocket i'm sure) that has exhausted me so. let there be one sunken ship below the waters!

my friend yossi over at the spanish bowline has a beautiful shot of said ship in-transit. it is now resting (above the waters), waiting for its sure demise. i am also waiting...to watch the bubbling waters as the corpse slowly sinks.


April 7, 2011

..underneath the settled dust..

Shapes are hidden by the wind,
figures disappear in a whirl.
Underneath the settled dust,
Lies a people free from fear.

Yet still the days are colder,
Than the abundance lying beyond.
Heaven has opened briefly,
But has left us hanging on.

The sun smiles upon the earth,
the trees reply with glee.
Under my feet, the earth's warmth
Stirs me to walk forward on.

As the end approaches me,
The air crisp, brushing my face,
Bringing to mind the days past
And the glory they have shared.