April 26, 2011

. : a blustery autumn wind : .

a blustery autumn wind is blowing this afternoon, covering the coast with grey lumpy skies. a little different from the clear warm air i left only last night in WA.

it was a tough night on the plane - a sold out red-eye service...and as the name suggests i arrived early to Sydney with tired red eyes after very little sleep en route.

i collected my luggage, which was over the weight limit due to holiday purchases, and headed straight for the underground train line which would whisk me home through busy wet city scapes and lush bushland scenes. it felt good to be home after quite a while away, and felt even better to pick up my pooch from his holiday at the local pet resort. fresh and fluffy from a bath; he was keen to see me and i was relishing the warm soft hugs.

oski: looking unimpressed with his photograph being taken

though, on a more sombre note, i'm still awaiting my love's delayed arrival from overseas. please bring him home soon + safe.


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