February 7, 2012

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like i said i would do, i have adapted my mantle display with the coming of new art acquisitions and differing floral offerings.

its one of the things i love about this new place, and hopefully something that i won't tire of or cease to enjoy, as the time slips on through this year. over the weekend we were able to pick up an amazing photographic work by this guy. we had bought the piece in an exhibition a month ago...and were patiently waiting for it over the extent of the exhibition showing. (delayed gratification often proves to be the most fulfilling kind, as much as we fight against that crazy 'antiquated' notion.)

first place i thought to put it, was on the mantle - and thats exactly where it is. with some beautiful burnished orange fleurs.
along with said photograph, titled Drawing a Line, shine two tall table candles in crazy metal holders i found at an op shop for a really great price. some of the 'regulars' reappear (antique calibers, rulers and gold N) to carry some continuity.


p.s. i told you i would enjoy this mantlepiece, and maybe over do it. meh

February 3, 2012

moleskin moments

from last night...

listening to Willie croon some old jazz ballads, sipping on some cool beer. this evenings meal bubbles gently in the oven - slowly cooking lamb chops in a rich tomato and garlic sauce.

with the strong smell of garlic on my fingertips i write this - relishing this feeling. this feeling of rest. enjoyment. creativity bubbling in my soul, like the tomato sauce in my delicious awaiting meal. a night spent with no tv; no static noise of distraction but just beautiful scents, relaxing tunes and sweet beer buzzing to my head.

after a few very busy days in my new job, i sit and revel in this feeling - following the lead of Willie, and his next melodic instrumental.