February 28, 2011


civic theatre, newcastle 27.02.2011

it was a hot sticky night, with moisture hanging in the air from an earlier evening shower. (jeans were clearly not the most appropriate choice this evening, but i was wearing them anyway.) After eating in a hot and muggy indian restaurant, we made our way down darby st, an eclectic mess of eateries and hip clothes stores - most closed for trading on this late sunday evening.
as we arrived outside the old masonry building, amongst newer commercial buildings boasting ties with the architects of the 1970's, we were greeted by a small sea of 'all-sorts' folk, ready for a night of beautiful music. it was interesting as my friend and i surveyed the crowd, we stood out, we were the minority, us, being under 40. So we found ourselves a cool ale in an effort to gain a disguise - and to ease the sticky summer thirst.

Mama Kin was first to grace the stage, right on time, to my friend's delight who mentioned this fact looking searchingly at her watch in the dimming theatre lights. we were then transfixed for close to an hour by the chest thudding grooves and the deep bellowing vocals of Mama, not to mention the hilarity of the brother sister dynamic on stage. it was such a great set, but we had to admit, we couldn't pretend we were there to see Mama Kin, and she knew it too.

as we waited for the main act, that trio + two of talented, heavenly masters and mistresses of song, the crowd became expectant. the first sight of even one movement on stage sent the crowd hooting and clapping and whistling. "there are a couple of things about 'Waifs crowds'," Mama Kin said "they know how to clap, and they know how to sing!". yes we do Mama, yes we do.

we were in for a beautiful journey through love songs and gospel melodies, angelic pitch, beautifully rough harmonization and of course, the voice of Joshua Cunningham, which could melt lead if it had to...but i dare say he wouldn't ever, he is just too sweet a man.

The Waifs new album Temptation is released this week. i'm giddy.


February 25, 2011

so the story goes...

and here are some images of the aforementioned pieces i've been making. fused glass pendants with silver coated findings. each hand cut and designed by yours truly. enjoy having a peek.

the pendants range from about 15x20 cm to 20x30 cm. contact me for price enquiries.


finished work

my pendants are fired and ready to go...
ive been glueing and setting them in the findings for wearing. i will post some good photos soon and get some prices up, so people can get there hot little hands on some.

its amazing what glass does after it is fired; it is magical. the glow of the hues that is new, different from before it went in the kiln. there is a process (beside the known physical and chemical process) that goes on the kiln. the glass comes out very much the same glass, but the way the molecules have moved and melted, and then come back together creates a beautiful transient glow. you will have to witness it for yourself.


February 22, 2011

the anticipation


these little beauties were dropped off today, carefully and neatly packed into my friend Clare's kiln, Ronnie. a kiln that Clare and her husband made themselves a few years ago. they affectionately named it Ronnie, in honour of Clare's father.

i can't wait to see these precious glass pieces tomorrow afternoon, and set them up as pendants and earrings to be sold to loving owners. keep an i out

eating: sushi train @ tokyo sushi, erina


February 21, 2011

a monday night at home

usually monday night serves us up a fairly hectic schedule of polo training, church meetings and family dinners. tonight we opted for the evening off. it has been so peaceful.

Spicy eggplant and chicken {pork} stir fry, found in a beautiful magazine a cherished friend gave me for my birthday late last year.

i love my brother dberlach for many reasons, but tonight it is for the fresh chillies he gave me as a love offering on friday afternoon. thank you x

the finished product. not such a loving or aesthetically pleasing plate up - i was devouring it so quickly i only remembered that i wanted a photo of it plated, when i was licking the bowl...oops

i drank wine while i prepared this meal, which was a longer preparation than i'm used to (compared to our 'fast food' diet) and i drank wine after as well. grant enjoyed it, which is so nice. i think i'll peruse some blogs and maybe try some sketching tonight. a peaceful, creative and restful night. bliss


February 20, 2011

On the Road

well...i was actually on the train.


February 18, 2011

Holiday in Review

So, i am back from my aforementioned cruise trip to the islands of the South Pacific. We got off the boat yesterday morning then all trundled home on the train, tired and content from what was an amazing 12 days. we had so many different experiences throughout the trip, from docking in busy working ports where containers and ships were bustling to the most idyllic uninterrupted (besides colonisation 150 yrs back) beaches where the underwater scenes were even more beautiful than the above water scene.

It was a crazy trip too, in its excess and indulgence. the laid on food and drinks, the live entertainment every day and night and the 750+ staff there for you're every back and call. it was great service, especially getting to know the staff you spent most time with. every night we had dinner in the formal dining room, being served by two people i would like to now call friends. Dragana, our waiter from Croatia and Davon our assistant from Jamaica. it was wonderful to see them each night and speak to them about their day and our day. they were such welcoming and generous people, considering their position of maybe working the next 3 months straight, serving people meal after meal of beautiful food that they themselves don't get to enjoy.

Dragana is from Croatia, and is working on the cruise ships, not because she loves it or even that it is in her line of work (she was in economics prior), rather that work is very hard to find in her home country and the country is struggling economically. She said that working as hard and as long as she does on the cruise ships, gives her the opportunity to save and set herself up for a better life. She is about 33 i think. It really made me wonder how i felt - as a wealthy member of a wealthy country, where work, if you want it, isn't that hard to find - being served by this lovely woman every evening for dinner. it really did just reinforce how wealthy we are, how blessed i am to live in Australia right now. so i am thankful, and also very hopeful that Dragana will too be able to find work and live a life she enjoys.

The only time i shed a tear during the trip, was not for real sadness or loss, it was joy and thankfulness to a people who are so happy, kind and friendly. after two beautiful days spent in Fiji, exploring the local traditions and being welcomed with flowers, Kava, dancing and singing, the Fijian people in Suva gave us the most amazing farewell. as our departure time drew near and everyone was back onboard, a marching band began an amazing medley of farewell tunes, marching up and down the pier, in the rain! They played for about half an hour before giving us a traditional farewell in song and dance. they're smiling faces and cheerful waving really got to me. i was so thankful to meet these people, whom my fijian guide, Ryan describes as the most amazing miracle, that these were some of the most savage cannibals on the planet only 150 years ago, but through the missionaries bringing christianity have become known as the friendliest people on earth. he, a Fijian, really believed it was a true miracle. amen brother Ryan.

Here are some photos of some beautiful things we saw, just a few...

our 'friends' Davon and Dragana x


February 4, 2011


i'm getting very excited...because in just a few short days of reading, relaxation and great food i will be in a locale quite similar to this! yes, i'm taking a trip with family on what a good friend refers to as a floating RSL. haha

whatever you refer to it as, its going to be glorious. i'll keep you posted


little critters

as i sat in the shade this morning on my back steps (to escape sweltering heat), eating my yoghurt and cereal, i began noticing and appreciating all the business of the creatures around me. there was scurrying on the pavement and rustling in the grass and leaves, the birds were noiserly chattering away in the trees and on rooftops. the little ants looked most industrious, or high strung anyway as they moved frantically across the ground with lightning speed. while the lizards moved in stages, gracefully gliding along in intervals deemed most safe. the wasps above my head hovered into position like a rescue helicopter to make their return to the nest.

it was a beautiful morning to watch all the creatures, great and small, move about the yard. oscar and i just sat and watched.


February 3, 2011

3.2.twenty eleven

this morning there were long stretched wisps of cloud on top of the dense dark cover above the horizon. they have since been washed away and now there is left a thick cover over the horizon. yet the sun is peeping through somewhere overhead, keeping the heat streaming in. there was very little wind chop this morning, making the ocean an alluring crisp sheet.

wind is blowing, Ray LaMontagne is crooning...making the chores less undesirable.


February 2, 2011

i'm a dreamer

i dream of 'things' a lot. it is a major downfall really, i want to be content and grateful of all i have. but there are just some things...


February 1, 2011

mello yello

i was inspired by a fellow blog-lass...

yellow, is fresh and fruity. perfect for this sweltering weather.

i didn't see a lot of the horizon today...stuck in un-air conditioned classrooms trying to talk over teenagers who didn't give a damn. but i can see it now. and it is beautiful. the ocean an alluring deep blue, with white chop (which would usually phase me, but not in this heat - an onshore gust is welcome). the sky is hot and hazy. summer is good.

listening to
The Low Anthem