February 21, 2011

a monday night at home

usually monday night serves us up a fairly hectic schedule of polo training, church meetings and family dinners. tonight we opted for the evening off. it has been so peaceful.

Spicy eggplant and chicken {pork} stir fry, found in a beautiful magazine a cherished friend gave me for my birthday late last year.

i love my brother dberlach for many reasons, but tonight it is for the fresh chillies he gave me as a love offering on friday afternoon. thank you x

the finished product. not such a loving or aesthetically pleasing plate up - i was devouring it so quickly i only remembered that i wanted a photo of it plated, when i was licking the bowl...oops

i drank wine while i prepared this meal, which was a longer preparation than i'm used to (compared to our 'fast food' diet) and i drank wine after as well. grant enjoyed it, which is so nice. i think i'll peruse some blogs and maybe try some sketching tonight. a peaceful, creative and restful night. bliss


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