January 27, 2011

in the works

glad to have some new projects. keep an i out


day of semi-relief

today is shaping up to be a nice summer day, just a little less burnt than yesterday.
the horizon is less dramatic than days past, just a subtle blur of hues of blue. the ocean is fairly steely, with a washed out distant cloud like sky this morning. looks like it will be clearing later on for some classic summer blues.


January 26, 2011

horizon...sort of

what a peculiar way to start what is said to be an absolutely scorching Australia day. I woke this morning to no horizon. no visible horizon. A thick fog was covering everything i could usually see. it has begun to lift a little, though there is no clear blue as yet. happy australia day


January 25, 2011


there is nothing like looking back through a crystal blue green wall, with rays of sun streaking through.


25th January Twenty Eleven

The horizon is covered with a hot haze this morning. Awaiting another scorching summer day, feeling like the heat of yesterday has only just faded. The ocean is dark blue with a silver slick covering patches like oil. The beach sand is an orangey yellow. Light puffs of cloud interrupt the blue haze giving a false sense of cool weather, that isn't coming.

listening to
Sufjan Stevens
Come on! Feel the Illinoise!


January 24, 2011

the horizon today...

my new project...

keep an i out


A New Season

I don't deserve a moonlight this bright
All the times i give up the fight.
Under the stars, i have not met
The dream and aim to pass.
I am saved by the sunlight
Given a new breath.
Lifted upon the shoulders
Of the trees at their depth.

The only reason for joy,
This glide upon grace and freedom
The moon is in a new season.

september 2004

stop looking!

i need to stop looking for inspiration and just do stuff! i figure (after hours meandering around other's blogs and photostreams), that i just need to do it. just get working. get making.

where do i start? what do i start with? what is my plan?

PLAN Schman!

get you're but into gear ames


January 18, 2011

Post Pause...


I've been studying a a little bit of glass work, something i have always loved and been mesmerized by. It has been a pleasure to learn from a beautiful local lady, who also appreciates the gift of creativity. I'm learning to slump and fuse glass.
I have been making plates, wall hangings and jewellry and loving theexpectation while i wait for a firing. Glass becomes a new creature after its fired, it becomes even more beautiful.

Here is a piece...unfired.


We once again were privileged enough to head north to crescent head for a week during the festive season...it was as beautiful as ever. We surfed, rode, ran, walked, skurfed and swam. Then we ate, drank, ate and drank some more. The pinnacle was a Mexican Fiesta for New Years Eve celebrations. Enjoy some photographs.