May 29, 2011

wishing for a slower pace right now...

my work is feeling a little like this at the moment:
and seriously...this pic is from a staffroom at my school. and i'm pretty sure these things have been like this for YEARS. i will mention no departments names!
waiting, patiently for this:
and it is only 5 weeks away. argh, there is also a bit to organise for this too! it will all work out amy, it will - you just need to catch up = do some work. haha


May 16, 2011

sunset eve

'set the sails, i feel the winds astirring...' - The Low Anthem, Charlie Darwin
with the vision of the pale full moon in my left eye, i gaze seaward over the hazy apricot-to-purple sunset refraction; what a glorious evening.

the sea haze and chimney smoke is settling over the hills and houses, creating an ethereal ghost that is descending for this cold night. the birds are squawking as they return to their posts and cosy their nests. the horizon slowly loses its sunlight, settling into the seamless sky and sea that is the night.

the moon begins to brighten as the apricot hue ascends in a stretch further heavenward. the mercury drops a few...


May 15, 2011

. unfinished projects .

i thought i would pull out one of 'those' projects: the ones that get started - with great passion - and then end up back in the cupboard or the spare room, awaiting the motivation and time to be finished. and its very timely (weather-wise) to pull this little gem out and complete it...well, nearly complete it.

it has been getting increasingly colder these days as we draw near the end of autumn and approach the dreaded cold of winter, so another couch quilt wouldn't go astray. this was my second attempt at a quilt - and i rather like it. haha
i get to use my mothers old sewing machine, a Bernina Record that dates back to 1960, which makes this whole experience a little sweeter. i haven't got any fabric to make an edge for the quilt, or the patience to hand sew anything, so i think i'm going to make a shag-quilt edge. i have zig-zagged around the edge and now have to snip & wash to finish it off. warm winter nights on the couch aren't too far away.


- sunday morning -

as i coast down the hill at the end of my road, in the beautifully crisp autumn air this morning with the sun shining, i realise how beautiful life is and how thankful i am for health. to be healthy enough to ride my push bike down to the local coffee house with no trouble (well, ok - with a little puffing), and enjoy the place i live and love so much.

also, the magnificence of a sunny sunday morning struck me. the relaxation in the air, the banter in the coffee shop, the sparkle of the crashing waves and the kids on the back of parents bikes. it was so lovely. this autumn sun too! its saving me from my chilly chilly house. i will ensure today that i get me my fair share of vitamin D.

enjoy your sunday.

May 5, 2011

this chilly evening...

wearing - warm, long wintery bed socks

nibbling - freshly popped and caramelized delicious! my friend amy whipple at graingirls gave me the inspiration to rush around after work gathering the necessary components for such a cheap and easy sweet treat.

enjoying - these beautiful tulips from my darlin' of a man...x

awaiting - the juicy lamb chops we shall devour this evening with some roast sweet potato, and broccoli (doused in garlic butter)

in need of - an adequate sized glass of margaret river organic port. i think i'll go get that now

i hope you're well

May 3, 2011


i love braiding my hair, for the waves...