May 15, 2011

- sunday morning -

as i coast down the hill at the end of my road, in the beautifully crisp autumn air this morning with the sun shining, i realise how beautiful life is and how thankful i am for health. to be healthy enough to ride my push bike down to the local coffee house with no trouble (well, ok - with a little puffing), and enjoy the place i live and love so much.

also, the magnificence of a sunny sunday morning struck me. the relaxation in the air, the banter in the coffee shop, the sparkle of the crashing waves and the kids on the back of parents bikes. it was so lovely. this autumn sun too! its saving me from my chilly chilly house. i will ensure today that i get me my fair share of vitamin D.

enjoy your sunday.


  1. sounds nice ames, we've been enjoying this sunday morning since 4 am ;)

  2. oh no! well i hope the kids have enjoyed the city...and i hope you got that cocktail! xx