March 24, 2012

. : the eve : .

...of my first south coast market adventure.

i'm excited and a little nervous. but thoroughly prepared, enough so that my mother would be suitably proud. i might even fill a thermos of hot tea in the morning, as to have plentiful cups of tea on hand throughout the day, in the Berlach tradition. at some stage though, i will visit these guys and enjoy some real, fresh brewed 'lavender grey' goodness.

its an amazing locale for a market. the school where its held, Coledale Public School, is wedged between the escarpment and the rocky sea cliffs. if you had a good kick on 'ya, you'd lose your ball to the sea every day at recess. (they must kick north to south, then.)

so i'll get a good nights rest, ready for a big day ahead.