February 28, 2011


civic theatre, newcastle 27.02.2011

it was a hot sticky night, with moisture hanging in the air from an earlier evening shower. (jeans were clearly not the most appropriate choice this evening, but i was wearing them anyway.) After eating in a hot and muggy indian restaurant, we made our way down darby st, an eclectic mess of eateries and hip clothes stores - most closed for trading on this late sunday evening.
as we arrived outside the old masonry building, amongst newer commercial buildings boasting ties with the architects of the 1970's, we were greeted by a small sea of 'all-sorts' folk, ready for a night of beautiful music. it was interesting as my friend and i surveyed the crowd, we stood out, we were the minority, us, being under 40. So we found ourselves a cool ale in an effort to gain a disguise - and to ease the sticky summer thirst.

Mama Kin was first to grace the stage, right on time, to my friend's delight who mentioned this fact looking searchingly at her watch in the dimming theatre lights. we were then transfixed for close to an hour by the chest thudding grooves and the deep bellowing vocals of Mama, not to mention the hilarity of the brother sister dynamic on stage. it was such a great set, but we had to admit, we couldn't pretend we were there to see Mama Kin, and she knew it too.

as we waited for the main act, that trio + two of talented, heavenly masters and mistresses of song, the crowd became expectant. the first sight of even one movement on stage sent the crowd hooting and clapping and whistling. "there are a couple of things about 'Waifs crowds'," Mama Kin said "they know how to clap, and they know how to sing!". yes we do Mama, yes we do.

we were in for a beautiful journey through love songs and gospel melodies, angelic pitch, beautifully rough harmonization and of course, the voice of Joshua Cunningham, which could melt lead if it had to...but i dare say he wouldn't ever, he is just too sweet a man.

The Waifs new album Temptation is released this week. i'm giddy.


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