February 3, 2012

moleskin moments

from last night...

listening to Willie croon some old jazz ballads, sipping on some cool beer. this evenings meal bubbles gently in the oven - slowly cooking lamb chops in a rich tomato and garlic sauce.

with the strong smell of garlic on my fingertips i write this - relishing this feeling. this feeling of rest. enjoyment. creativity bubbling in my soul, like the tomato sauce in my delicious awaiting meal. a night spent with no tv; no static noise of distraction but just beautiful scents, relaxing tunes and sweet beer buzzing to my head.

after a few very busy days in my new job, i sit and revel in this feeling - following the lead of Willie, and his next melodic instrumental.



  1. oooooh i want to be with you tooo. sounds magical ames. I'm so thrilled for you- part time teacher, artist, home maker, sister 9and all the other stuff but i think i nailed the important ones ;))


  2. love the new banner up top too..pretty and cosy lookin x