January 24, 2012

a gift that teaches.

for my birthday, i was given a cross stitching starter kit, by my lovely brother and sister. it was a surprise gift, and very thoughtful, because i love it. i love that i can now learn and practice a new craft.

i remember when i was young, my mum used to cross stitch - i even have faint memories of me as a young lass having a go myself. thinking it was quite simple in theory, but really a little too time consuming for an itchy foot people person, who's frequent utterings included 'I'm bored' and 'wanna play a game with me'. i was surely such an unbearable kid. (i think my brothers felt this more than anyone, still.)

so, off i go on a new cross stitch journey. but this time its 'cool'. my sister who gave the gift (i know it wasn't really your idea Dave, sorry), has a good eye for design, fashion, art and creativity. and she has demonstrated this many a time, when she has mastered and used an old time craft for brilliant home beautifying. see...

along with the supplies i was given i raided my mother in laws sewing room, which opened up a whole new realm of possibilities. she has, like, hundreds of cross stitch, patchwork and sewing magazines. i swiftly scoured the stash for different cross stitch texts - that will be my first task. learning to 'type'.


  1. you were not an unbearable kid. your brothers LOVE you like crazy and so do I.

    Looks amazing ames- im glad your enjoung it!

    xo em