January 2, 2012

oh yeah, and christmas happened.

g and i woke bleary eyed early. i made a cup of tea, we sat in bed and exchanged gifts, giggles and cuddles. its special - that time with each other, just us giving our gifts. (p.s. he gave me a Taurus 3 diamond ring saw! more than epic!)
the endless food, sweet treats and summer beverages were all enjoyed with ease and gratitude. what a wonderful time of year! that there in the bottom left is a white chocolate & mango layered pavlova. it was unbelievable.
new christmas lips, and the obligatory christmas hats.
our christmas nights were filled with fun and frivolity. first was christmas eve, with my wonderful family over at the beetleshack for a dinner of soft cheese and tapas, then onto an old school friends place for cocktails on christmas night. (above cocktail: Army Special - vodka, gin, lime juice cordial & ice...divine)
(yep, these two lovely ladies are my family. seriously - its lots of fun) check these girls out: the beetleshack and berry&fin


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