January 19, 2012

a little slice of perfection

in this new place.

we moved last week, away from our families, away from our friends and away from 'God's Country'...a place we loved to live and a place we were very comfortable in. but, we know its all good. we trust its all good. we want to give our lives to our Creator, doing what we can in this life to please him. so, we moved south - a whole 2 1/2 hours south! (i am quite aware that this distance is really not that far. we are still within reach)

blabbering onward, i want to tell you about our new little house that i'm determined to create into a warm and memorable home. to be honest, its everything i've dreamed of in a suburban oasis. cute. small but accommodating. warm in the morning sunlight. cool in the fresh breeze. creative. it has some of my most desired elements in a house; mantle (my first), high ceilings, detailed plaster work and a large flat grassy yard. here is a picture to prove its irresistible cuteness.
sulphur crested 'cockies' screech their way into the large gums that stretch into the twilight sky in the adjacent vacant lot behind our place. it is a slight reprieve from the suburban spread surrounding us in every other direction (not the mention the steel works just over the hill). i shall hope that there will be tomatoes climbing those trestles up the back in the future.
soft morning light streams in my reading nook windows, only interrupted by the vertical lines of the blinds. it makes the perfect warm spot to have a morning cup of tea and a read. i haven't yet mentioned the hydrangeas, have i? these line the drive way. fresh cut flowers from the day we moved in. score.
and this; the pride of the lounge room and the thing that made me want to fight other renters for the chance to have this baby, the mantle (with fireplace out of order! gasp! i know, who would do that?) i've wanted a mantle for a long time. something to set the tone of the house, change with the seasons or special occasions. sitting atop it for now rests my birthday candlestick holders from ikea, and some antique calipers and rulers from a garage sale and a beautiful gold N from my family.

as i sit writing this, Mr Whippy rings his melodious tune down our street, journeying to find many a delighted child, young or old, waiting for a smooth ice-creamy dessert treat. this is our new house, thanks for visiting.


i won't completely romanticize this place, but will inform you of the flees found on arrival and the man eating cockroaches that have woken us at night! eeek. all looking clear now though.


  1. AMYYYYYYYYY. amy amy amy amy amy. i'm not going to swear cus i don't want to offend you in writing but **** i miss you a lot. You won't get through the next month without a lengthy visit from us. Please blog often (what no news of the new ring finger?) just for me. I love the way you write, your photo's and your big fat juicy delicious heart.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SMOOCHYYY SMOOCH SMOOCH

    1. hehe - thanks for not offending me in writing ; ). well i thought i'd save the 'ring finger news' for another post. keep visiting here and i'll surprise you with it. thanks for liking me. xxx

  2. Sounds awesome

    You spelt fleas wrong.

    1. Ahahaha - thanks Jackson. So i did, I appreciate your spelling editing.