April 20, 2011

. - i'm on holidays - .

busselton beach

...yes i am. and loving every minute. i've been tripping around perth, fremantle, busselton and other amazing south west locales enjoying everything good that has been carfted; art, beverages, food, pottery - but no wine yet (something still to do).

yesterday i ate venison cappaccio, with pickled beets, capers & truffle oil at The Studio Gallery in Yallingup. oh my oh my, i'm on holidays in my homeland!

i wish you all a trip to the south west of this great land, soon - very soon.



  1. missing you lady amy xoxox love you lots! ans yes, lets pom pom together x

  2. ohhh. damn it. snot fair! good ol busso.
    you got to make sure you get some pits at rabbit's for me!!

  3. new update please! just because your on holidays does not mean you can be a tardy blogger ;) love you lady. Happy easter. Enjoy the goodness of God!

  4. love you guys xx
    indeed - God is good