December 13, 2011

peculiar questions from peculiar people.

boy: "Do you like dolphin pie, miss?"
me: "I can't say i've ever had dolphin pie Sam."
boy: "'Cos you can really taste the plankton in it."

a delightfully innocent, not-yet-tainted Year 7 boy, with a wonderful sense o'humour (and no idea about the diet of a Dolphin).

girl: "How long does it take to get to Paris, Miss?"
me: "Around about 20 hours i think."
girl: "Wow, i was way off!"
me: "What did you write?"
girl: "About 2 1/2 hours."

a geographically impaired Year 7'er.

"Do you do facebook?"

a 55+ year old teacher at school, in regard to whether i am on facebook...

i am sure glad i had pen and paper handy today.


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