October 24, 2011

. : chrome : .

over the weekend i indulged myself for a few hours, drooling over old cars; cars with style, cars with flair and cars with a whole lotta' chrome. the annual Chromefest was held nearby home and i made it a priority to visit over two months ago, when i first heard it was on. to top it off, i had the major privilege of riding in an exhibited car that a friend owns. it was all too much, my grin was unbearable (and completely embarrassing).

i frenzied around on sunday morning trying to find an outfit to suit the 50's rockabilly style festival, but more importantly to compliment the red '63 F150 i would be riding in. i went for a 50's/60's style red plaid shirt with rolled sleeves and tight black skinnies rolled mid-calf. i felt suitably attired, teaming my outfit with my canvas TOMS.

with the air in our hair, we roared up to the festival - (my embarrassing grin still beaming) - turning heads with every acceleration and grunt that this beast exclaims. check it out
as you can see, there were some mighty fine automobile specimens on show. i thoroughly enjoyed myself.


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