October 8, 2011

on waratahs and wildflowers

we sat and enjoyed a fresh brewed cup of coffee, then we drove, all the way up the winding hill to the most spacious, fresh-air-filled national park and went searching. we went searching for the last of the fabulous waratah flowers, knowing it was a little bit late in the season but hopeful of what we might find.

the sun kissed our noses and warmed our shoulders and the native wildflowers did not disappoint - well ok, they did a little. we were just too late; although there were a few bright red blooms in between the brushy green-brown bush, they were past their prime. but alas, we still enjoyed the stroll, finding other little beauties along the way - like the interestingly titled little horny devils.



  1. ah beautiful day.. patonga is not too far for a beer after all! and that waratah is looking way more lively than I remember - well captured x

  2. Australia really does have the most beautiful native flora doesn't it. Thanks for visiting me. x