October 17, 2011

the search is on...

after a fabulous day at the event that was Sangria and Lace, hearing what people think of my glass wares and being humbled and amazed at peoples enjoyment of it, i believe it is time in my glass career to purchase my own kiln. it will be a considerable step - and will make quite a dent on our bank account - but will hopefully see me making glass wares for many years to come.

there were a few times throughout Sangria and Lace where i would be talking to market goers about my work and i would have a really vivid realisation that i am doing something that i have dreamed of for quite a long time. this is a dream come true. a real dream - to work with warm glass - coming true. it is something i need to actively remember, as i sometimes winge about so many dreams never being fulfilled (see this post), but i need to be aware and grateful that this one is!

so, i'm in the market for a small glass work kiln...wish me luck



  1. let me know if you need a shopping cart system website amzies! =)

  2. Good luck woman. But first step- etsy store!