October 11, 2011

. : garage sale glory : .

we love a good garage sale. my man always goes searching for tools or needed furniture (sensible) and i search for anything (silly)...cutlery, crockery, haberdashery, pictures, trinkets and furniture. i never have a real plan or specific need, i just want to get my hands on someone's old treasures.

this last saturday we ventured a mere 2 minutes over the hill to 2 local sales (score!). as we were closing the doors to the car, he had a word to me; 'now, i don't want to be taking home junk. remember we're moving soon.' its true, we are moving, but i don't see that as a reason to not find cool things - we'll have a house to fill when we move too. anyway, without letting him know, i took his advice and shopped wisely. i love old rusty bits, old measuring things, things that were once useful to people in what was a more 'hands-on' world. so here is what i found.
as you can see, i also got some crockery, old asian style crockery, with 4 tiny little bowls perfect for bits of chilli, ginger or other little condiments. we were also sensible, coming home with a new saw, drill and drill press. he got his tools afterall.


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