October 10, 2011

things i did today:

sat clearing my eyes to see the sun coming through the clouds, on the back deck.

returned to my cup of tea, several times, as i got ready for my first day back at work after two weeks off.

coerced year 9 kids to do their school work (quite successfully i might add!)

tried to pick paint colours (exterior).

grocery shopped.

sat, daydreaming about my impending maiden trip down to Costco on Wednesday. eehehehehe

dreamt of cooking an italian sausage stew, laiden with loads of chilli and garlic.

cooked a spinach and fetta pie instead, with a big bunch of fresh vibrant silverbeet purchased on aforementioned grocery shop.

paint swatches:



  1. i would emsy, but 'I' can't. you have to be a member and i'm going with my american friend - who is a member. should we get membership you think?