October 8, 2011

. : to 'the point' : .

as a surfer, i know that a point is a good thing; creating almost identical waves, one after the other and generally running for quite some time. i love a good point, as the waves are generally predictable, the rides are long and there is always the safety of the shoulder. you can sit on your board searching the waters below, watching the weeds sway back and forth with each undulating wall of energy, waiting for the next long peeler.

so, i just spent a very good few days at 'the pt.' with some friends, capping off a nice two week break from school. we scored waves, rain (lots of it), thunder, sunshine, quality conversations, frivolity and there was an abundance of food and beverages enjoyed all round. here is some evidence
my friends have a pretty good set up, which i mooched off for a few days. don't worry - i did some beer-buying, wood chopping and a few loads of washing up. i tried to pay my share, but i know that my friends are pretty generous too. i'm a lucky girl


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