August 22, 2011

an early morning it was...

we left home for our journey south to melbourne town around 4 am...eek - it was quite horrible. but it did give us a whole day to walk and explore the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Swanston Street and Collins St. it was a huge day, which saw me needing a little afternoon respite in our apartment room (which was a beautifully stripped back and renovated place with exposed brickwork and concrete ceilings).

the width of my grin on friday afternoon, while exploring the mastery of australian and international artists, was incredible. i felt so elated strolling the gallery, soaking in all the colour, scale and shape that i was surrounded by. i was a little naughty and snapped some sneaky shots...
that evening, after my aforementioned rest, we did some shopping - i bought some silk, ceramics and confectionary - then we journeyed to the famous Martini Bar and enjoyed the finest martinis. it was such a beautiful atmosphere as we sat by the large glass window, near the fire, and watched the people bustle around below us on Swantston street.
that was our first day. fun.


p.s. you know how i said we were having those family photos, well - we had them. have a peek. i'll leave you to it

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