August 4, 2011

cold weather/warm weather

we've had a few changes in weather of late, around my neck of the woods...

we had torrential rain for, say, 8 days straight. it was out wettest July, in along time. that was followed by chilly winds and cold nights. we had the heaters on for at least a week straight...(eeek, i don't want to see that energy bill). BUT - for the last 5 days, the sun has been shining, and bringing warm spring-scented air with it. i even had a little too much sun on my shoulders last saturday...what a treat.

in light of this new sunshine and new warm weather (which, by the way is forecast to end soon...) i have a new breakfast tradition. instead of eating a bowl of wintery of warm porrige to fight the cold - i've traded in my bowl for a travel cup...of berry smoothie! i know - seems too early to be having chilly berry smoothie's this time of the year but i can't get enough!
i still fit in my morning grains, by adding quinoa to the smoothie with yoghurt, berries (frozen and fresh), milk and a little honey...(ok, a lot! i like it sweet)

what are you having for breakfast?