August 5, 2011

smoothie recipe

as per request....

so it goes a little like this; i rush a smoothie together 5 minutes after i'm supposed to be out the door on the way to work. so, please forgive the ambiguity of measurements and ingredients. its all very flexible anyway...i mean, c'mon - its only a smoothie.

all you need is a stick mixer and large cup to mix in, then a cup to serve in. (see aforeposted picture of my new smoothie has insulated walls for heat/cold and is the perfect weight in the hand, with a beautiful blue lid)

a couple of tbsp of cooked quinoa (necessary morning grains - its handy to have a batch cooked in the fridge for each mornings smoothie delight)
a couple of tbsp of natural yoghurt
a cup of frozen berries
a small handful of fresh strawbs
a cup of milk
1 - 2 tbsp of honey (i do like it sweet) - you have to work to make sure the quinoa isn't too overpowering in the mix...i'm sure fresh berries would help that.

i just wizz, pour and run and out the door!



  1. mm yum- im gonna try this- tell me about these all important morning grains....

  2. yes do! its delicious. you know, the grain goodness - high fibre/protein to start your day. go to to get some ideas. xx love your 'crazy dinner' post xx

  3. yum - must try this.
    thanks for the recipe.
    cheryl xox.

  4. mmm, no worries Cheryl. enjoy!