August 7, 2011

and so, winter returns...

that sunshine i was telling you about, and the warm spring scented air - well this morning we awoke to a sad and noticeable change. there were heavy grey skies out the top window and damp on the ground from the early morning rain. it was a sad change, but not unreasonable considering we are in the tale-end of winter, but a little welcome today.

looking back at my day; i quite enjoyed the lazy sleep-in, the joint grocery shop, the sweat from my afternoon yoga class and staying home this evening listening to the rain fall outside. a lot of rain is quite dreary, but it's nice to have a little every now and again.

what did you do today? how do you fancy a little precipitation?



  1. Your day sounded lovely. I had EV kids this morning followed by church. We then took Cooper for a walk before it thundered down. I enjoy a rainy day or two but too many send me a little crazy. Lets have a cuppa soon x

  2. It sounds like the perfect day to me. I would love to still be able to indulge in a wet day, but these days it's just CABIN FEVER at my place with pent-up children.

    Enjoy the rest of the cold. Spring is coming, of that we can be certain! x

  3. amen - we can indeed be certain! thanks for stopping by...