June 26, 2011

...family photos...

in this picture, lies the history of my family (on one side anyway). it shows my grandparents, my dad and his brother in their younger days, my family at various stages - including the cutest photo of my older brothers hidden at the back on the left (they're in matching jumpers), weddings of siblings and myself, and photos of achievements (a note to my uncle, the greatest Dr of Education ever!). it's a photo of my Babunia's piano top. she doesn't play. my Dziadzia did. so, she uses it to keep all her precious people around her. people tell her to take the old photos down when the new ones arrive, but she insists 'noo, i like zee old pictsure!'. if you imagine her saying that with a thick polish accent, you'll get a better gist.

my sweet sister, has had the idea of having a family photo shoot - just to collect some visuals of our dear family. i like the idea, nah - i love the idea. especially considering the man she has employed...Mr Tim Coulson, who shot some brilliant photographs earlier this month of my Brother, Sister and their lovely kiddlies. i'm looking forward to it, having images to collect, like my Babunia does. we'll have to send her some, for the piano.



  1. oooh Babunia, bless her beautiful heart. xxxxx

  2. Ames this post is just lovely. I so agree with your famous Babunia about the old photos.. like frozen time. Cant wait to see those photos.

  3. i mean the Tim Coulson photos... just read my comment back and realised it sounds like i cant wait to see the piano top photos... anywho..