June 5, 2011

back on the bus!

vinyasa yoga: the technique of "connecting postures"; where poses will flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath.

a type of yoga i have been keen to practice for a long time, but my old yoga school didn't teach said style, so i used to do a little of it at home - but never had proper instruction. but alas! don't fret, as i have found my new vinyasa flow class!

you see, this last week, amongst all the business - i joined a gym. i know, a gym! i always said that they weren't for me, but after the polo season finished i found i was doing little in the way physical movement. so i paid my fees and am now a gym goer. and the greatest thing of all...among the 5 or so yoga classes i could make each week, there is this great little vinyasa instructor, Emma, who teaches a flow class on saturday mornings! win! i even pulled myself out of bed early on a saturday to get there, and sweated it out doing flows and reverse flows. i loved it.

so, if we learn anything here (which is unlikely)...it might be that you should not limit yourself by saying you will never do something, as that 'something' might lead you to something else you've been wanting to do. deep.


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