June 15, 2011

an ode

'Ode To A Howling Night'

what howling winds!
what churning seas,
that stirs the sky this night.

the moon but glows!
behind the clouds,
its frozen in its flight.

what ticking clock!
as time does pass,
i watch the night roll by.

what joyous roof!
over my head,
i lie but warm and dry.


keep watch later this evening for my latest installment of my copperfoiled lamp progress. it is looking just delightful, all blue and sparkly goodness.



  1. amy! did you write this?? I really love it x

  2. you're too kind a friend sarah - it is mine.

  3. my two blog followers, thankyou for listening & looking xx

  4. Wow, I love your poem! You are so talented! I write poems too, but mine are rather ridiculous. You're a great writer!

    I am going to follow your blog in hopes of seeing more of your pretty words!

    -Katie, www.hazelandmare.com