June 15, 2011

this evening came close...

...to finishing my lamp project. a little painstakingly close - i had to leave it, wash my hand and say, "i'll see you again, soon my friend." to be finished another day...

it came from this:
all cut, ground and foiled, ready to be put together as 'biscuits'.like this one above. pretty nice huh. then all them there biscuits are ready to go together as a lamp!
What! i put it together upside down?!!? oh no. haha (lame - i must be tired). all i have to do is bead all the outside joins with solder then put the lamp stand and cover together. woohoo. until then, this beautiful specimen will sit tucked away in the studio, all wrapped in soft cloths and padding - goodness forbid something terrible happen - and wait, wait for my enthusiastic return. keep crafting/making/loving/reading, my friends.


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