June 19, 2011

de nouveaux aliments

things i've been sampling...
Fat Yak beer; not bad, not bad at all. rich. well - richer than the corona i had drunk shortly before it...
Hot winter cider - from Sweden, none less! I stumbled upon this beauty on a cold evening browsing the bott'lo shelves. It was a no-brainer...alcohol served hot, on a cold night. mmm
radishes in my salad. a crunchy peppery pop.
curried/deviled eggs. quite delicious actually, and fun to make. hard boil yo goggies, then mix the hard yokes with mayo, curry powder, chive and parsley. replace into their perfectly now-void holes and garnish. beauty!

p.s. i don't speak french. i cheat and google how to spell things in french. sorry Carney.



  1. Mmm... those deviled eggs look amazing. Egg-cellent. Wait, no, that was lame. But they do look amazing!! :)

  2. thanks HazelandMare. i love the little bit of lameness...