July 24, 2011

mi familia

a family feast.
berlach family feasts are not that regular...but when they do occur, there is no shortage of raucous and rioting. when all the members are placed together in one small area there is as many conversations happening as there are members and no shortage of laughing and jest.
food is relatively key to any such meeting, which i think can be traced back to my bubunia and her wonderful provision of food for her family, who you can read a little about here and here. both my mum and dad are really brilliant, but most importantly adventurous cooks who cooked me anything from italian to lebanese while growing up (even though our strongest ancestral roots are polish and english). we always set the table, prepared the water and the wine and sat and enjoyed the food before us - critiquing the finer points of the cuisine along the way.
here are some images from one of those most recent evenings at my beloved brother and sister's home. you can check out their love for food and family at the beetle shack.
one very happy customer. totally satisfied by the generously coated tandoori chicken, fresh carrot and coriander salad and zesty cocktail.
an evening of indian feasting enjoyed with a cocktail of two. (cocktail - coriander + grapefruit mule kinda thing...delicious)


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