July 11, 2011

. :glass: .

my good friend, one who has known me since my birth, and seen a lot of my junior years is a beautifully loving and creative woman, who i admire. on my recent trip West i visited her and saw her latest work (she is a glass artist who has worked with the magical material for over 25 years), and commissioned her with a piece for myself. i was so elated when it arrived in the post - and i haven't taken it off since. it hugs my wrist with a an appreciated weight, reflecting light and colour so vividly.
before i went on holidays, i had some time in the studio making some earrings and pendants for impending sales (i hope). here are some images...
with a necessary glass of wine...to get the creativity flowing.


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  1. hit me with some earings and ill hit you with some coin!

    love you xo