July 15, 2011

my husband works, from home.

and i like it. its a new thing...lets say only a couple'months young. and i love that he has made the big step, starting his own engineering adventure (he just calls it a business!), and works from home. it has been particularly nice since i have been on school holidays...at home too.

things i enjoy about it:
being able to make him vanilla milkshakes and walk them down to his desk.

prepare him freshly cooked foods - like today, i took him down some freshly deviled eggs to snack on. he closed his eyes whilst enjoying them - not responding to anything i said...ahh.

being able to distract him so easily, and coaxed him into going and getting ice-cream in the middle of the day. bonus!

the fact that he can start dinner, if i'm going to be home late.

and of course, that he can keep my bestest canine companion company while i'm out at work.

would you/do you work from home? i think i should i start...


1 comment:

  1. That's so awesome! I think working from home would be really fun, you can wear pajamas all the time! and it's awesome that your dog has a friend to play with all day!