April 27, 2012

that ol' man, Romance

i've been enjoying myself of late, having recently concluded 2 weeks of holidays, i feel like i've been rested and had time to reflect on beautiful things (instead of programs, reports and professional development).

things like romance - in the true 19th century literary sense of the notion; the enlightened vision to the truth of beauty and essence of human emotion. i must interject and tell y'all where this strange romantic impulse and conviction came from - one quiet afternoon in my holidays i visited a friend, and we sat in her living room as the day's light fell and watched Jane Eyre (the newest, most beautiful version of this painfully beautiful story, with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender). i was earnestly transfixed, quite. and it wasn't just Fassbender i was transfixed by...maybe not, anyway.

its not the first time i've been consumed and entranced by the beauty of the 'old romantics'. remember my thing for John Keats and Bright Star? something captures me in this writing. i had a serious long think about it over the holidays, and enjoyed myself in the process.

so, i beseech you, enjoy this marvelous moment in film.



  1. Now also waste away your afternoons watching the old school Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth style)... honestly, is there anything better than Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy? <3

  2. haha - indeed. there is nothing better, than one Mr Darcy & one Colin Firth. these old world men make me melt...

  3. Speaking of old romance, have you ever seen Downton Abbey? An old period drama that is incredible lovely!