June 2, 2012

some words from another time

i found this funny old thing while pulling out a heavy book (on Contemporary Painting in Poland, no less), from the book case. i wrote it back in 2008 - many moons ago, while drowning the friday afternoon sorrows, alone, in a pub, in a town i didn't belong. its a pretty sad story.

(the title is questionable i know - at least i can say it reflects...well something.)

at the pub, people speak,
of footy clubs and winning horses,
games they've won 
and tales of losses.

amoung the chatter and the bellows,
others wait for tucker;
throwing down schooners,
of all things light, dark and bubbly.

finally on arrival, 
the food can silence the crowd.
munching and swallowing 
until all stomachs are full.

the crowd is loud again, at the pub.
the food is over and
schooners almost dry.
a long hard day, is waving goodbye.

me. 2008. nelsons bay.

raise a glass, if you would, to all things aussie...and bogan. this ones for you em, to go with my effy.


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