July 1, 2010

Bright Star

The film Bright Star was my official introduction to Mr John Keats, his personality, his charm and his unbelievable ability to write about beauty. It was also the place I first met Fanny Brawne. Fanny is a sweet yet tenacious young lady, a real craftswoman herself who becomes enchanted by Mr Keats and her first tastes of his writing.

This beautiful film, directed by Jane Chapion, has inspired me to read more of Keats' writing, so i've purchased a book of his poems and selected letters. It has an introduction by Jane Chapion herself. Chapion wrote,

"I began to realise that perhaps poetry is not so much in need of understanding but loving, or being enchanted, seduced, intrigued or awed. Like eating something delicious, you dont need to know how it was made; all you need to do is enjoy it."
As a 'learner' approaching Keats' work this statement brings me great comfort and joy.
So, i'm off to enjoy, love and be enchanted by more of Keats' work.

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