June 17, 2010

Treating myself a little better...

Lately i've been thinking and studying (only a little!) about how to be eating and living well. I am encouraged by people around me and for bursts of time, I am 'good', but at the same time it all seems a little unattainable for me; the girl who can't have beer without chips and tea without Tim Tams.

I think the kind of commitment and enthusiasm needed for a culture shift like altering ones lifestyle, needs to be rooted in a deep passion to live better and takes care and consideration, not only concerning food but also how you choose to spend time. Which is fairly far from most peoples minds in our western consumerist society. We like things quick and easy to access and most often, well i do, over indulge in such a glutinous way.

I'm still on the road to living a healthier life, but am in need of a lot of education. Most importantly...I need a fire, a passion for what i'm striving toward in order to make it a reality.

for now i'll keep checking in to places like graingirls.com for inspiration and education. have a look!

keep well

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