November 23, 2011

wednesday - today

Jose Gonzalez drove me home from school this afternoon, with the splishing and sploshing of rainwater hitting the undercarriage of the car as i bumped over cracks and potholes. my school day quickly faded from memory as i dreamt of the chewy, salty ginger bickies i was going to make when i got home (they're baking themselves in the oven as i write...).

i had to stop at the shops to pick up the necessary raw sugar, ground cloves and ginger - it was a minor inconvenience - having to slosh through rushing gutters, in completely silly, inappropriate shoes. my feet now still a little damp, i sit, waiting for my afternoon tea and preparing myself for a night of peaceful creativity.



  1. Thank you for introducing me to Jose - loved this tune.
    Have also bookmarked the recipe it sounds like the perfect arvy tea snack when the weather cools down.

    Visiting via Em's and looking forward to following along as the new year unfolds.

    Happy day!

  2. Thanks Felicity! happy new year to you
    x a